WATER (in progress)





beach - stones - shore
water - waves - sea
wind - clouds - sky

always the same - always different

the sand - fine or rough
the stones - flints (small stones) or rock
the shore - unbroken or fissured
the water - blue or green or grey
the waves - small or big
the sea - calm or rough
the wind - gentle or strong
the clouds - few or many
the sky - clear or overcast

Waves come and go, spend their time in the same rhythm, grow, murmur, ebb and flow
like thoughts.

The view dives - into the water, as into the soul

This work has been realised with a 6x9 pinhole camera.
All prints are 50 x 75 cm and 67 x 100 cm, pigment print on Hahnemühle paper, mounted on 2mm aluminium plate.
Edition of 5 and 1 artist proof.