Monday - 20. February 2017

Just in Tempelfjorden


The last time I have been around this place, I got up from my first night on the Antigua in October !

It is lovely to be back.

Sunday - 12. February 2017

Blue February


On Tuesday, Longyearbyen has been the warmest place in Norway. Pouring rain and grey days. Now, the cold is back, it snowed and teh days are blue.


Wednesday - 08. February 2017


Approaching Svalbard with beautiful colors in the sky - arriving at 3° celsius and pouring rain.

But you can see some snowmobils on their way (bottom right)

Friday - 27. January 2017

moi vu par monbijourocks (en français)

Wednesday - 11. January 2017

Take me back to the frozen north - OPENING 26th of January


Wednesday - 04. January 2017

3 months ago - Antigua in Tempelfjorden

Exactely 3 months ago, we spent our first full day on the Antigua - here in front of Tunabreen. We sailed 2 amazing weeks along the coastlines of Spitsbergen - an incredible group of artists, amazing guides and a dedicated crew. What an adventure and expirience !!! So gratefull still to everybody who helped me make this be part of my life !

Thursday - 22. December 2016

printing day for my next exhibition

It has been a big printmaking day with Patrick Schranz for my upcoming exhibition @ espace jb in Geneva, Switzerland.

Opening 26th of January.

Save the date !

Friday - 02. December 2016

just a view


Wednesday - 02. November 2016

18.10.16 - a last hike over the mountains


by the way, this is color is the light that makes it all black & white


Sunday - 30. October 2016

15.10.16 - dramatic skies on an intense day