Sunday - 11. June 2017

There has been rain last week....

And this was the sky after the rain !


Wednesday - 07. June 2017

Last bits of ice...


Wednesday - 31. May 2017

New postcards in town !

My first set of 10 postcards of Svalbard is now available at Galleri Svalbard !

And sure, you can also order a set by email if you wish :-)



Wednesday - 24. May 2017

What a view !


Saturday - 20. May 2017

I saw a BELUGA the other day


Wednesday - 10. May 2017

New ice as the end of winter is coming close


Monday - 08. May 2017

Looking out for polar bears...

...for safety reasons first, for the pleasure of seeing them from afare second.



Tuesday - 02. May 2017

Ice on our way


Saturday - 29. April 2017

Beautiful entrance of the ice cave on Tellbreen

...but we could not get inside the cave as the ceiling started to fall on us due to spring weather settling in here as well now.


Monday - 24. April 2017

The birds are coming back to Svalbard