Thursday - 19. October 2017

Snow and ice ....

...and rocks and stones - September in Hamiltonbukta


Tuesday - 17. October 2017


I always say that I do not take photos of is obviously not true ! 
I love the structures and colors and shades of ice.

And I love fog on a glacier....

Friday - 13. October 2017

Lomfjorden, Valhallfonna...

...on a calm August night


Sunday - 08. October 2017

First snow on Longyearbyen's ground

The first snow of the season has arrived in longyearbyen and on its beautiful mountains. Let's hope it will stay and become much more soon !


Wednesday - 04. October 2017

Reflections of pure magic


Wednesday - 04. October 2017

Thousand shades...

...of white and gray and green and blue make (for me) the magic of the arctic land- and seascpaes !

Wednesday - 04. October 2017

Greetings from Pyramiden !

Pyramiden is an abandoned russian mining town on Spitzbergen. We have arrived at night in total darkness. I am still wondering how we managed not to hit this piece of pier floating in the water as we arrived from from that side and turned exactely in this spot....

Saturday - 23. September 2017

Another magic moment...


Saturday - 23. September 2017

Best kitchenview


Saturday - 23. September 2017

Magic moments

The days are getting shorter, the sunsets longer....this was a very special one !