Sunday - 28. June 2015

Getting out of the mountains

The day I could not walk anymore, I got a lift from the supply car ...

Beautiful landscapes, tracks full of water, deep melting snow with eventually creeks or huge holes underneath, rivers, bridges somtimes, complete whiteout, sunshine! An impression on the real meaning of "4 wheel driving". A lesson of patience ... thank you Eiður!


Saturday - 27. June 2015

Life is back after the winter !



Friday - 26. June 2015

Looking out for a new work to do...?



Thursday - 25. June 2015

Iceland again !

Wednesday - 25. March 2015

Arctic, I will come !!!

I have been selected for the October 2016 expedition of The Arctic Circle Artist Residency in Svalbard, Norway.


Thursday - 05. March 2015

A frozen lake with some water on top


Monday - 23. February 2015

A winter day


Thursday - 06. November 2014

Here comes some GREAT NEWS...


mauritius images


New cooperation with "mauritius-images", agency that will take care of selling the images I bring back from my travels ! HURRAY!



Monday - 27. October 2014

And this is it for now ... good-by Iceland, see you next year !




Sunday - 26. October 2014

When the snow comes in the early morning...