Friday - 30. September 2016

The snow has come and I am in awe

Snow arrived as foreseen over night.
I love the sight !!!


Tuesday - 20. September 2016

As If The Cold Could Make The Light - One Week To Go !


Departure in a week 

Winter cloths are coming out of the boxes

Cameras and stuff are getting ready

This is getting SO EXCITING !!!!


Tuesday - 02. August 2016



To my lovely supporters !


Summer is on its height – for some, vacations are already over, for others, they are still around the corner. I hope you all enjoy your time !!!

I have spent a few days around the most southwestern point of Europe and now the COUNTDOWN for my trip to the most northern part is on – EXCITEMENT is growing.

THANK YOU again & again for your help and support to make this possible – I am immensely grateful !


Today in exactly 8 WEEKS, Tuesday 27th of September, I will be taking my first plane direction North.



Love & light to you all


Monday - 18. July 2016

Horizon at the End of Europe


Thursday - 14. July 2016

in sights


Tuesday - 12. July 2016

23 de abril a 22 de agosto


Sunday - 10. July 2016

Room with a view


Thursday - 16. June 2016


My dear unknown people, friends and family !!!


It has been an incredible month to me with the most amazing result as you have made my project become reality! This happened already a week ago! And you went on contributing...on and on! 

I feel that I will never be able to thank you enough for your support. But still - I will try !


These four weeks have been a roller coaster of emotions with huge amounts of loops on the top of the range of beautiful!  I have been amazed & impressed, nervous & doubtful, surprised & astonished and are endlessly grateful for all your contributions and all the messages of enthusiasm, support and encouragement from Bali to Singapore, Sweden to Iceland, Berlin & all over Germany, Zürich to Geneva, Vienna to Paris and Arnhem, New York to San Diego....and from where my unknown supporters live !


I am grateful and blessed to have you in my life, to know you or in some way and some how have crossed your path. 

Life is wonderful !

I would love to throw a party for and with you all !!!! 



Love, Julia

Thursday - 16. June 2016


Emily Morrocco

Natacha Springer

Frédérique Solle Kremer

Julia Perschmann

David Steen


Gisle Martens Meyer

Celine Brockmann

Christian Meier

Angéline Chinoux

John Nursalim

Puya Hosseini

Dominique Bousquet

Catherine Werlen & Nathalie Gras

Chantal et Thierry Grandchamp

Kerstin Schotte

Eva Gardyan

Amy Reams

Hildegard Krüger

Kurt Wellner

Ilse Wellner

Céline Rykart

Philippe Wagneur

Daphne & David Meuwsen

Edwin van Dooren

Andrew Child

Yann David & Sylvia Andersen

Iris Cater

Ulf Behre

Regine Wellner

Christina Mehlhose

Ole Krüger & Uta Eisenberg

Regine Wellner

Diana Rutschmann

Déborah Rouault

Rolf Seigenthaler

Edith Mehlhose

Florence Theveniau

Annegret Kaufmann

Martin Wellner

Michaela & Peter Kraxner

Herman Janiesch

Monika Hagen

Constance Allen

Antje Gardyan


Rik Toonen

Regina Lüring-Gade

Nadine Podwika & Florent Raguillet

Wednesday - 08. June 2016


This was the shortest finishing line I have ever seen !!!!
And you are the most amazing people !!! 

You just made my project become a reality and get me on this incredible trip. THANK YOU so much.
But then, my dear unknown people, my dear friends & dear family - I do not even know how to thank you enough for your support. 

You are AMAZING - You are INCREDIBLE - You are GLORIOUS people.
And I am so very grateful !!!!!