Thursday - 30. November 2017

Mountain without snow


Tuesday - 21. November 2017

I have a shop now !!!


Sunday - 19. November 2017

80°N and more

This was my first time this far north and I have been more than delighted ! Peaceful Sjuøyane on August 6th. 

Monday - 30. October 2017

Reflections, ice & fog

Reflections on calm waters, blue ice and a foggy cover on top - not much more needed.... July 2017

Friday - 27. October 2017

In the middle of the night... Lomfjorden, Spitzbergen, 23rd of August. This has been one of the very magic nights of the sailing adventure 2017 !


Tuesday - 24. October 2017

A large piece of glacier

Lilliehöökbreen - August 2017


Thursday - 19. October 2017

Snow and ice ....

...and rocks and stones - September in Hamiltonbukta


Tuesday - 17. October 2017


I always say that I do not take photos of is obviously not true ! 
I love the structures and colors and shades of ice.

And I love fog on a glacier....

Friday - 13. October 2017

Lomfjorden, Valhallfonna...

...on a calm August night


Sunday - 08. October 2017

First snow on Longyearbyen's ground

The first snow of the season has arrived in longyearbyen and on its beautiful mountains. Let's hope it will stay and become much more soon !